Saturday, October 27, 2012

Filtering The Noise Away

When life moves at a hundred miles an hour one must filter out the noise. Times Square is a place where the world moves at a pace that you can barely keep up with. People bustling, cars honking, everyone in your way tripping over one another. It is difficult to find any semblance of tranquility there, yet I did. I saw a woman dressed as a bride staring at the lights in front of her. It seemed as though for a moment she had filtered away the noise in the noisiest spot in the world. I was lucky to capture her tranquility even if it was just for a second. A moment later her friends gathered around her, popping champagne. She had just gotten engaged and her picture was splashed on all the screens around her. I quickly left her in her whirlwind taking with me the one moment where she was alone with her thoughts.

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