Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Movies - it is Just Like the Movies

On sunday night all I could think about was movies depicting attacks on New York City; waves that come crashing down, engulfing the city and leaving it in ruins. This week my life felt like one of those movies. Sandy was approaching; the thunder, rain and lightning created a perfect symphony in the sky. I was sitting in my living room looking out of the window listening to the winds howl. I'm glad the Hurricane struck at night as it would have been much scarier to see her wrath in broad daylight.

Over the past few days I've seen many pictures of streets, subways and entire boroughs submerged in water. Friends & colleagues who live in Jersey and Lower Manhattan have no water and electricity. Surprisingly though, I still can't fathom it. I feel like an outsider looking on. I worked at home through the Sandy after-math on Monday and Tuesday. I was back in the office on Wednesday as I don't drive or use public transportation, the submerged subways and roads did not come in my way. My fridge was stacked up with supplies, I was one of those who bought water and canned food just in case; I even filled up my bathtub with water. I see the devastation around me and am thankful for not being affected by it directly. I am sure New York will feel and remember Sandy for months to come. It still feels a little surreal to me. Below are some pictures that I took this week.  

I pass this crane everyday as I walk to work and there it was standing to greet me post sandy  

We snuck into Grand Central just before the storm started; the policemen thought we were journalists thanks to the big professional camera my husband was carrying. I have never seen anything so amazing as Grand Central without a person in it. Of course we were discovered and promptly escorted out (oopps)

On Tuesday evening we took a walk to Central Park. We could not go inside but this shot gives you an idea of how beautiful, clam and serene the park looked. I wish I could have gone inside. It looked like being in a fairytale land.
The famous crane that we saw so many images of all through the week and all over the world. It is now a tourist attraction on 5th Avenue.

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Raj said...

So true and lovely pictures too! <3