Monday, December 22, 2008


The time has come to write about tequila; reason being it is part of my everyday life. No I am not a lush, but its the way I earn a living. Did you know that 97% of tequila comes from the Jalisco region in Mexico. It is made from the heart of the Weber Blue Agave plant (not cactus) that belongs to the lily family. Below are pictures of both; cactus on the left and beautiful agave fields on the right.


In my opinion, the best tequila comes from a distillery called “La Primavera” in Atotonilco where they make Don Julio Tequila. Don Julio (the man) started making tequila here in 1942 using the finest agaves, processes and techniques that are used even today. Below is a picture of the distillery and of cooked agave that is ready for the juices to be squeezed out to make beautiful tequila!

PA271926 PA271939

If you are ever in the Jalisco region you must visit tlaquepaque where they sell unique and beautiful arts and crafts. Another recommended stop is Santo Coyote - it is a beautiful restaurant in the area where you can enjoy a yummy Don Julio margaritas. For more information on tequila making you can go to

PA271967 PA271999

Most people think of tequila as evil and everyone has a "tequila story". After marketing Don Julio for over a year I have truly grown to appreciate the complexity of the liquid and the varieties - Extra Anejo's, Anejo's, Reposado's and Blanco's. It truly is Beautiful :-).

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Let it Snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
New York got its first decent amount of snow yesterday. I wish the snow would stick and look like beautiful white powder; but instead it is slushy and 'icky' outside. What I like though is sitting in my warm apartment watching the snow flakes fall, looking at the white roof-tops and sipping a nice hot cup of cocoa. The below song sums it up perfectly:

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Sunday, November 23, 2008



Follow your Bliss. The bottle and the card was the first thing I saw when I entered my room at Hotel El San Juan and that is what I did on all my days in Puerto Rico. In this post I want to highlight a few "To Do"s when there. PR has beautiful beaches, the people are very friendly and helpful & the weather is perfect. I wish I had more days.



PB152194  PB152208

After sipping Mimosas on the beach all day long we finally got off our butts to the first "To Do" which is a visit to the Bio Luminescent Bay; It takes about an hour to get to Fajardo Biobay from San Juan. You will kayak through the sea and a mangrove forest in pitch dark to get to a beautiful lagoon that glows - absolutely breathtaking and unique. You can also visit Vieques, Puerto Rico for the Biobay experience.         


We took in some culture food and drink on Day 2. Old San Juan is a must visit. Going down the winding cobblestone streets takes you back to the days gone by. Take a Taxi to Old San Juan – get dropped off at one of the main squares and then just explore. One of the streets that you should definitely wander through is Del Cristo – rather steep but full of fun shops, bars & restaurants. Some other spots in OSJ are: Plaza de San Jose, La Fortaleza, San Juan Cemetery, Castillo de San Felipe.


Food & Drink in Old San Juan: Definitely stop by at Nono’s which is at the top of Del Cristo street; they make great margaritas on the way up to Nono’s you will find El Batey which is a fun grungy bar. Right next to Nono’s is El Patio de Sam, go there for some fantastic Puerto Rican Food – we ordered the Mofongo Relleno and the Beef Steak Encobollado – Yummm ! Cafe Princesa is worth a stop, they usually have live music playing.    

PB162375  PB162357

The Nightlife: We did not do much nightlife stuff on this trip. The Water Club Hotel has a very cool roof-top lounge from where you have a view of the the beach on one side and the city on the other; it has a cool (blue) vibe. The hotel we were staying at had VERY happening bars and clubs. So if you want to party it up I suggest a visit to El San Juan Hotel.

Puerto Rico is lovely – beautiful beaches – three days was too little time. I am definitely going back.    

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I love to cook and I love to eat ! I cook Indian food for the most part and Onions always go into almost any Indian dish. This picture was taken in Mexico City; we were cooking with a chef at his restaurant Pujol - which you must visit if your there. Here is a link to more pictures of cooking in Mexico City.

Friday, October 24, 2008


That is how I feel when I look at the ocean; it is amazing how you can take a deep breath look at the sea and take the pace down a few notches. The Ocean has a calming effect like no other. I took this shot in LA. I love the way everything looks so small in the vast expanse of the ocean and the sun glimmers with such gusto over each wave. I wish I could jump right in.
Skies Sun and the Ocean

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


People say that fall is the best time of the year. It took me a while to get over the first not so warm day but I came over to the other side and fell for the beautiful fall season. Here is why I think people like Fall. Firstly, it is short - and anything that you can't get enough of you tend to like more. Secondly, the vibrant reds, yellows and orange colors look so beautiful. And last but not least - the coziness that comes with the cool crisp evenings! Gimme some hot chocolate, a romantic movie and a cozy comforter and I'm sold.
I took the below pictures from my recent trip to the Poconos - if you ever get a chance stay at the Skytop Lodge; it is absolutely gorgeous. Click here for more Fall pictures

fall in the Poconos
Fall in the Poconos

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Is this the end of summer - finto - finish - khalaas? It felt like all of Manhattan was out enjoying this gorgeous day. I made the most of the sunshine and near perfect temperatures sipping sangria's all afternoon at the Frying Pan - if you have not been here I highly recommend you go. I took this shot from the street on my way back - what a great way to end what may be the last day of summer.

New york skyline

Saturday, September 13, 2008


What would this world be like if people saw things the way you see them. Do you think it would be easier or crazier. It is difficult sometimes to make other people see your point of view or sometimes you just don't get what the other person is trying to say. We do things that don't totally make sense - we do it because of things that are subconsciously still playing on our minds. Okay this is getting a little intense; so what do you think would it be crazier or easier if the world saw what you saw ?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love this picture portrait. I see a romantic hero of the 70's when I look at it. He has droopy eyes that any girl can melt in. He looks rebellious in this shot - that he gives a damn about the world; and in his world time moves slowly and leisurely as he takes in all the frivolous going-ons around him. His name is Adnaan and he is my little innocent younger brother (or so I would like to think).

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Green evokes images of abundance, life and prosperity. It also stands for jealousy, envy and evil. I subscribe to the school of the former therefore the pictures below that capture moments of summer. You can see it in the eyes of a child frolicking in the grass, in the droplets of water and in a lazy snooze in the park. I love the summer - I wish it would last all year.

Little Ones
central park
Blissful afternoon summers

Friday, August 15, 2008


first steps as man & wife

Another Friday and another picture for my blog; I have to say that my photography Friday afternoons are not quite working out the way I had intended; the past 2 Fridays have seen rain and my sweet E420 has seen its black little case. The force of nature (i.e. rain) compels me to dig into the pictures from days gone by – I have quite a stack of them.

The one I posted above is the first step that my close friend took with her husband right after they tied the knot. I find the picture very over-whelming. It’s just a step I know; but there is so much significance to it – it is the first of many steps that you and your life partner will take together. You may have taken many steps together before but not tied together as one. It may not be the best picture I have taken; but its significance far outweighs the photograph. If you look carefully, the picture is tilted - I actually like the fact that it is not all straight - kinda like life :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hope, happiness, freedom, love are some words that come to mind when I see this picture. It was a warm summer afternoon we were strolling in central park with our cameras; when we stumbled across a kiddy birthday party, there was cake with beautiful pink icing, kids screaming and shouting, running up and down while their parents cast a watchful eye on them. The carousel was going round and round to the beat of carousel-like music; and yes there were balloons, many many balloons. I remember walking up to this particular bunch in the picture and just looking at them for a while. The sun was partially hidden behind the clouds; but it gave this beautiful effect when the balloons were put in front of the sunrays. I tilted my camera and got the shot. I feel this picture is as much about the balloons as it is about the sky and the light behind it. Hope, happiness, freedom & love is what I see in this picture – what do you see?

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Shadow and Lights

In New York a lucky few have summer Fridays :) .... and only a few actually leave the office at 2 - I have decided to spend my summer Friday walking the streets of NYC. This past Friday was my first walk and me and my E420 decided to go to SOHO and China town. The picture on top is one of my favorites - it has an eerie feeling to it; I took it in Soho - I absolutely love the way the light accentuates the graffiti. The picture below was taken in China town I walked in the weirdest alleys; this particular street had hardly anyone on it (I have to admit I was actually lost at this point). I saw these three men under the tea shop and I felt that I was in a village in China. No I have not been to a village in China but I do have a vivid imagination. Click on the link to see more of my NYC street photography and let me know what you think.
Three men and Tea


So I am pretty proud of this shot. They say it is very difficult to capture lightening, your timing has to be perfect. This picture was taken on my birthday; I did not have my own camera then so I used R's Olympus E 510. He took me out for a beautiful birthday dinner at Waters Edge (a gorgeous spot for anyone who is looking for a romantic place with amazing Manhattan views). Just as we were in the middle of our second course the wind started blowing and lightening and thunder made its entrance. I think it was pure luck that I got this shot - I took it through the glass window. I have to say that it was this picture that made me think about seriously getting a camera. The instant gratification with photography is great - you click - you view - you edit and voila a beautiful creation is right in front of you.


I have always wanted to have a blog but frankly never knew what it would be about or what I would write or who would read it; you see I never really had any hobbies or talents - let alone discuss in open forum. Then one day on encouragement from my boyfriend (we'll call him R) I bought an SLR camera (Olympus 420). R is really into photography - he understands it much better than I do but I have really started to enjoy it and do understand a little bit too. So I thought YAY I finally have a hobby and I can now blog about it. What I plan on doing with this blog is discussing some of my favorite pictures that I have taken and the story they tell :)