Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red Chili’s and Non-Writing

A chili can be so deceptive. Some are small and cute but when you take a bite it sends your taste buds into a tizzy. In the spirit of not being deceptive then; I really like this picture but have no idea what words go along with it. My first thought was talking about the Chili as an object; but that is boring – what else could I write about that is not so obvious. I would like to be thought provoking with my text; how does one do that when writing about a vegetable? Hold on – just looked it up on Wikipedia, the Chili Pepper is a fruit not a vegetable. Good thing for the internet it has helped me look intelligent (not stupid) many times. What if I wrote about the color RED. I like shots that are bold, this one has a bold red that contrasts well against the dull bark of the tree. Again - I am taking the path of least resistance and writing about the colors in the photograph. I blame my lethargy to write on the Thanksgiving meal that was. So I guess you are going to have to enjoy the picture and get a little insight into the thought process of my non-writing writing.   

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Over 1.1 Billion people smoke in this world. That is one in three people -> WOW ! Every third person who reads this blog is a smoker. People get into this bad habit because of image, peer pressure or just wanting to prove something at an impressionable age. I feel bad for those who can't stop; but if you really want to do something and you put your mind to it - you can. Most people wait till they have a heart attack or cancer to stop. Tobacco is responsible for one in ten adult deaths. The reason why smokers don't take these facts so seriously is because they believe that it could never happen to them. the danger from smoking is not in your face; It happens over time.
I took this picture outside the Waldorf Astoria in New York. I was quite excited after I took the shot because I got him exactly at the moment he was blowing smoke out. Then I wondered - Why did he start to smoke ? Does he want to quit ? Will he die because of Cancer ? Is he dying of Cancer ?
I have been surrounded by many smokers near and dear to me and I have tried my best to get them to stop. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not - but I keep trying anyway. So this picture & post is for all you smokers - Stop already !     

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves
Drift by the window
The autumn leaves
Of red and gold
I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra thanks to my father who is a Frank Sinatra fanatic. As a kid I would  wonder what Autumn leaves were; I remember thinking maybe it is tree that has red and gold leaves ! This song fits so perfectly with the season. Hope you are enjoying what is left of Fall this year.