Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just Do It ....

Every now and again I think of my blog that has not been touched since March. I have these grandiose ideas of what I will write about, what pictures I will post. These ideas stay in my head and I get too lazy to put pen to paper or more like finger to keyboard. Talking about pen and paper; I wonder if we will loose the term 'pen to paper ' in the future? I remember writing nonsensical letters on reams and reams of  paper when I was thousands of miles away from my loved ones. I had folders (the paper ones) for each person as I would receive as many letters as a I wrote. There was a certain satisfaction in writing on paper with a pen.... but I digress into the nostalgic world of the 'written' word when I should be focusing on my motivation (or lack there of) to post on this blog. 

Coming back to Just Doing It. "It" sometimes feels too big. Starting "It" as a result becomes too much of a daunting task to take on for the moment and 'It' gets shoved aside - to be tackled another day. Every task no matter how big or small has to start somewhere. So with that in mind on a Friday morning just before my weekly conference calls start I decided to 'Just Do It' and I write a little about just that. It is a start that will get me to choose a picture that goes along with this little blurb and if you are reading this then I guess I just did 'It'. I should make this a ritual before my Friday morning conference call every week.  I must put pen to paper and get more regular at posting on my blog and spying on my pictures and thoughts.
Nothing says "Just Do It" like a frozen peanut butter chocolate pie with a generous dollop of cream.
I know I shouldn't but what the hell.. every bite is like a piece of heaven :)

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