Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Golden Chariot - Day 1

The Chariot was Purple not Golden - but felt like a princess in it. The Golden Chariot is a luxury train that travels through Karnataka, India stopping at key places; from where you go on excursions. The three days I spent on the train were phenomenal. At first it felt a little awkward being a tourist in ones own country. I was used to being the guide for people visiting India not the other way around. I soon accepted that being away for almost 10 years would qualify me as a visitor. The train experience was great - I would compare it to a cruise ship but on a train. It had a spa, restaurant, bar and gym. The rooms were small but comfortable.
We joined the train mid-way at Hassan; from where we had excursions to Shravanabelagola famous for the colossal statue of Gommateshwara in the morning; and in the afternoon we visited Belur and Halebidu - cities that are the epicenter of Hoysala architecture. All three places were simply breathtaking. It amazes me how much history, culture and beauty there is in India - we had only barely scratched the surface. Click below to see pictures from the first day aboard GC.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bombay by Night

Bombay has two sides to her, you can love her or hate her; but at night you can't help but be charmed and mesmerized by this beautiful city. I had interesting experiences (trying) to photograph Bombay at night. As I was clicking a man approached me; he thought I was from a media outlet taking pictures and would not leave until I took a picture of him. Another warned me that I would get arrested for taking pictures because the police would think I was planning a terrorist attack. A third thought I was a lost tourist and offered to help me find my way. Not once did they just let me just take my pictures; but that is India for you everyone is ready to help and poke their nose in your business. It is the way of this country that you can either love or hate. Hope you enjoy the pictures below.
PEDDAR ROAD TRAFFIC: No matter what time of night or day always expect a traffic jam      
VICTORIA TERMINUS: Now called Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus; will always be VT to me 

FLORA FOUNTAIN: She has been observing Bombay since 1864   
ANTILIA: The worlds most expensive residence

Monday, January 17, 2011

India - How I Miss Thee

I spent the last three weeks in India. I go to India almost every year; but this time I had the most amazing vacation ever. It was the perfect storm of friends, family, weddings, traveling, food and new experiences. The highlights of the trip were attending 4 weddings - one of which lasted 4 days, traveling by train, visiting beautiful temples and cities in Karnataka, chilling with friends, spending time with the family, eating our way through Goa, visiting my high school and the food - I ate like there was no tomorrow. I took a lot of pictures, I plan on blogging about all of the above and more - so be prepared for an India overload over the next few weeks !
I am going to start with a picture that I took in Karnataka at Shravanabelagola. It is one of my favorite pictures of the trip. I captured a moment when I look at is calming and serene; but in reality there were hundreds of people around us. Photography is all about what you see and not about what exists. Hope this whets your appetite for the next few posts.