Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today was Manhattanhenge - it is when the sun aligns perfectly with the Manhattan grid. One of the many things that you learn when you live in Manhattan. I have been meaning to go view this semiannual occurrence but never got down to it - till today. I walked to 34th street with my husband and kept complaining along the way; there are too many clouds in the sky, its too hazy, we are never going to get good shots. Of course I thought that we were the only two crazy people to walk 25 blocks in the heat. We turned the corner onto 34th street - and oh my; there were 100's of people waiting for the lights to turn red so they could jump to the middle of the road and capture this perfect alignment. I am surprised no one got run over. See below pictures from the amazing Manhattanhenge. I am sure centuries from now when people dig up the ruins of Manhattan they will wonder if it has any significance as we do of Stonehenge today.

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Anonymous said...

Alef, this is beautiful. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing. Xoxo, Dinika