Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let’s Run Away

What if you could live another life. What would it be? Would you live on an island in Greece or would you want to have lived in another time. Movies have been made and books written that deal with time travel or living a life other than your own. A few weekends ago I was surrounded by the 1920's. First I watched Midnight in Paris which is a story told (only the way Woody Allen can) about time traveling to the 1920's in Paris. It was so romantic, mesmerizing & whimsical – every character wanted to escape to a place other than their present. The other 1920's experience that weekend was at Governors Island where we came across a 1920's themed day - everyone was dressed as they would in the 20's dancing the day away. It was magical to watch people  escape into a time that seemed simpler and easier.
What is the fascination with wanting to live another life? Why do people want to escape the present? Be curious about what was and what may be - but enjoy your now because it isn't coming back. Below are some pictures from Governors Island that capture the 1920’s era that was.


rittika said...

amazing, alef.. beautiful portraits.. the black and whites in particular!!

Alefiyah said...

Thanks Ritti - The B & W one is my absolute Favorite ! :)

Bombay Girl said...

Love this post. I saw Midnight in Paris and felt its magic.