Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finger Lakes

They say that god put his hands down on the ground and the finger lakes were created; I guess god has 14 fingers for the 14 lakes. We went upstate to Lake Canandaigua few weeks ago to get away from the hustle and bustle and just unwind. We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Bella Rose. Most of our time was spent wine tasting, pottering around the lake, visiting beautiful gardens and sleeping a lot ! Below are a few pictures that I took; the first one just makes me unwind and reminds me of that sigh when you finally relax. I love the duck picture cause it was very similar to one that I took a few months ago of Cherry Blossoms.

The lake and beyond
Rubber Duckie


arvind said...

Beautiful pictures, even more beautiful words to go with it. The boardwalk to the lake seems so inviting. I was like....sigh...wish i was there. Thanks Alef :)

Raj said...

Mmm, it was such a beautiful place. Lovely pictures honey :-)

Suba said...

Lovely pictures, especially of the duck - so gorgeous!

Alefiyah said...

Thanks y'all :-)

Juhi said...

Just love the effect of the light!

Your pictures are luminous!