Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fiction Writing

I am taking a fiction writing class - this is the first week. I signed up for it so I could write stories about my pictures. My first assignment is supposed to relate to something I saw or read (a picture, a headline) and should be 250 words. Below is the picture and my 250 words ! Let me know what you like about it or not.

It was a hot summers day, my parents were having their annual British party. We had spent all morning cutting perfect little cucumber sandwiches, mom had made her famous coconut macaroons, dad had his Tanqueray and Pimms ready. They had stupid rules at this party; all guests had to wear a hat and everyone had to speak in a British accent for the evening. One can imagine how ridiculous the yanks sounded in fake Brit accents! As a little girl I would sit on my yellow swing under the tree watching the festivities unfold. As the night progressed the accents got funnier and the conversations more bizarre. I was always a by-stander looking from afar, I wondered why my parents would have this yearly shindig that the entire neighbourhood would look forward to for months. Later I realized how much this brought the community together and how much my parents missed their home in England.
Last week my mother passed away so I hosted 'the party' one last time in her memory. Everyone came with their hats and accents, this time around I could not be a voyeur to the party; I had to make sure the scones, cucumber sandwiches and macaroons were up to snuff. I now understood why my mother did this every year; it was so that she could never lose her roots - it made her feel like she was back home in England. T&T in hand, I toasted to her in a thick British accent!


Sandra Merchant said...

What an imagination! That's the first talent required to be a great fiction-writer.

Alefiyah said...

Thanks mom .. :) Ya its kinda intimidating to have to make it all up! Specially when I will have to write pages !

Juhi said...

That story sounded like a true flahsback!

So creative and different.

Alefiyah said...

Thanks Juhi :)