Friday, February 26, 2010

PRojEcT fifTY3

I embarked on Project 53 a few weekends ago. Well, embarked is actually a wrong word to use since it signifies the start of a journey. My P53 journey lasted 45 minutes as I walked on 53rd street from 3rd Avenue to 9th Avenue. The task at hand was to stick to the right side of the street and capture whatever caught my fancy. The reason for this was that I was meeting some friends for brunch on 53rd and 9th and I was on 53rd and 3rd – simple enough. When one has camera in hand you see and notice so much more. The thing I like about photography is that you capture the picture from your perspective and no one else has that point of view. I have passed Lever House a million times but have never noticed the little Hello Kitty. I love the picture of the building with Mother Mary looking down – again would never have noticed it if I was not looking. Above I have posted a few from the set – you can click here to see more. hope you enjoy them.  

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Shruti Goradia said...

Loved P53 - I've done a few of them myself - not so well planned though. It's amazing what you discover when you look - just like your Hello Kitty discovery I found the Simpsons looking down on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago