Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tug Of War

Lightroom (P4163484.JPG and 6 others)Images NYC

I wrote the beginning of a short story and then related it to some pictures I have taken. Below is the initial paragraph - if it pulls you in you can click on the link to read more.

I walked out of my old, crumbling Manhattan apartment, just as I had done for the last three years.

"Good morning Jones, have a nice day".

I find it funny that my doorman will never call me by my first name; he uses my last name as though it were my first, I am just used to it now. I smile and nod as I have everyday.
There are so many people in Manhattan, where do they all come from? I have always enjoyed my morning walk to work. I like to notice the various people I come across; some are suit-clad bankers while others are the creative type (I also refer to them as people wearing weird clothes). The ones that get a chuckle out of me are the men wearing oddly matched trousers and shirts or women who are wearing clothes that are way too tight for them; don't they look in the mirror before they leave home? You would never see me wear anything that would make me stand out. I like fading into the background. Observing is what I do best and what I am far more comfortable doing. I can never be like Tina (my half sister), she is always the center of attention, loud and boisterous. Click Here to read more


arvind said...

Simply put - Superb! Such amazing pictures and transcript to go with it. Good job, Alef!

chelsea girl said...

You should produce a picture book with short stories. Am loving this! Keep it up!

Alefiyah said...

Thanks both - yup Angela I was thinking the same thing :)

"Lady Namu" said...

love the short story and pictures! you are one talented lady!

Raj said...

Good story and even better pictures to go with it :-)