Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have not written in a while - reason being I am planning my wedding which occupies most of my time these days. Also my blog writing software does not work anymore :(. So I am going with uncomplicated and straight-forward instead of fancy. I took both the below pictures at a Seal concert I recently went to. In the first The first picture I like the way the projection of the woman compares to the Seal singing at the front of the stage. It makes me think that one is always bigger on screen vs. real life ! The second picture reminds me of a cathedral. The light and color brings the picture to life in such a unique way. Even though these pictures are composed in almost the same way the colors and the lighting give it such a different look and feel.       
Strike a pose
The stage

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Anonymous said...

Love your blogs always. You always write from your heart and provide us with beautiful images and pen something which gives you so much insight into those images. Keep them coming. And good luck with the preparations :)