Sunday, August 3, 2008


So I am pretty proud of this shot. They say it is very difficult to capture lightening, your timing has to be perfect. This picture was taken on my birthday; I did not have my own camera then so I used R's Olympus E 510. He took me out for a beautiful birthday dinner at Waters Edge (a gorgeous spot for anyone who is looking for a romantic place with amazing Manhattan views). Just as we were in the middle of our second course the wind started blowing and lightening and thunder made its entrance. I think it was pure luck that I got this shot - I took it through the glass window. I have to say that it was this picture that made me think about seriously getting a camera. The instant gratification with photography is great - you click - you view - you edit and voila a beautiful creation is right in front of you.


Lulu said...

hi alef,
congrats on setting up your blog! i've been blogging for four years now and though i don't post as much as i sued to, i manage to keep it going. i enjoy the thrill of sharing and meeting new people through my blog. i look forward to your pictures and posts!

Scott said...

I thought I might be the first to post on your new blog, Alef, but alas . . . Lulu got there one minute ahead of me!

Great shot of lightning over Manhattan. I know you'll enjoy photography; it should bring out the creative streak to the max!


RJ said...

awesome photograph. You are now giving competition to AB's blog.

Keep on blogging.

arvind said...

Awesome picture and congratulations on the blog. Hope you keep it going longer than that loser R's blog ;)

Alefiyah said...

Thanks all for your comments :) ... lulu you are a pro at this blogging thing - seems like fun !!! Arvind - don't worry i will not give up mid-way .... :).

rittika said...

alef, i actually look fwd to all the flickr pics you've been sending... so i'll keep checking your blog. you must put your balloon pic on.. it's one of my faves!

Food lovers said...

veryyyyyy nice, astoundingly beautiful pic. Keep 'em coming. Say hi to "R" from me .... (*snicker, snort and chuckle*) said...

omg. awesome shot!

pau said...

Yeah, this is difficult. I know. Nice capture.

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